Ink Life Tour 2015 – Oklahoma City

09 October - 11 October 2015

Grand Casino Hotel & Resort
777 Grand Casino Bloulevard
Shawnee, OK 74804
United States

Welcome to the worlds largest and most talked about tattoo and music festival! This artist run three-day mega event hosted by the world famous House Of Pain Tattoo Studio in El Paso, TX and MC’d by Dr. Blasphemy captures the true essence of the body art lifestyle. Ink Life Tour is by far the hottest event of its kind! Listen to great national bands while getting tattooed by some of the worlds best artists!


Please visit our attending artist page to get an idea of what artists you want to see. Many of them do not book appointments ahead of time. The best bet is to pick up a weekend pass, show up early Friday to check out all the artists’ portfolios and speak with them about what you are looking for. This allows you to take your time and select the artist that is right for you and browse all the amazing portfolios. Remember a tattoo is the only thing you can take to the grave so never make a rushed decision on an artist.

Come get tattooed on the spot by over 200 of the worlds top tattoo artists like Amy Nicoletto from LA Ink, James Vaughn and Clint Cummings from Spike TV’s InkMaster! These artists will be tattooing starting Friday and will continue all the way through Sunday. This is your chance to get amazing work for a great price. Once the doors open Friday, appointments with artists will go quickly. The best bet is to come in early Friday, pick up a weekend pass and check out their amazing portfolios and make your appointment! The best value is always a weekend pass so if the artist you like only has an opening for a different day, you do not have to pay two admission charges. It would definitely be the best option for those planning on booking tattoo appointments during the weekend!


Music at an Ink Life show is second to none! National bands like Days Of The New, Candlebox, Static-X, Bowling For Soup, Scum Of The Earth, Mushroomhead, Authority Zero, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Grind, Hawthorn Heights and more have played on the huge Ink Life Tour stage! Not to mention the best local bands each town has to offer. Since Ink life supports local music, at every stop you can see the best local bands play for a chance at a photo shoot with Tattoo Magazine photographer Inked Photograph in our band showcase! With the extensive local and national media coverage, Ink life is an amazing opportunity for band exposure!

Also, be sure to check out all of Ink Life’s outrageous entertainment going on all weekend. There will be performances such as the astonishing human suspension show that happens daily at Ink life! The world famous Aztlan Arts will provide you visualizations of the human body breaking barriers of what one thought to be impossible. Warning: this show by Aztlan is not for the squeamish.

TOLL FREE : (866) 935~1822 | EMAIL : [email protected]

24 Responses to Ink Life Tour 2015 – Oklahoma City

  1. TopHat Tat 01/04/2014 at #

    oh i just saw that was last year lol

  2. TopHat Tat 01/04/2014 at #

    wait its the 11th-13th in okla city .

  3. Robin Simms 27/03/2014 at #

    At the Grand Casino I40 at the Dale exit off 102.

  4. April Dawn Anderson 21/03/2014 at #

    I work for the casino in Shawnee and can confirm that it is going to be held here. It's the Firelake Grand Casino on I-40 on 4/11-4/13

  5. Becca Glammora 09/02/2014 at #

    It says here that's it's downtown okc but on the fb page it says it's at a casino in Shawnee, which is it?

  6. Angela Marie Temple 30/09/2013 at #

    Any word yet on when it will be in Tulsa?

  7. Stephanie Maxwell 20/04/2013 at #

    Do I have to buy tickets to go or can u pay to go in?

  8. Kamber Graham 20/04/2013 at #

    Where can I see a complete list of artists that are at the convention in OKC this weekend?

  9. Jody Bare 17/04/2013 at #

    I hope if you could give me some insight who you might suggest to use for a big and hard cover up job, this weekend. Thanks for any info.

  10. Bridget Lowes 12/04/2013 at #

    How do you volunteer to be a canvas? Is that possible? I heard they were doing it and would like to know how.

    • Jennifer N Marsala 19/04/2013 at #

      You sign up at the convention and they announce the winners on Sunday.

  11. Alicia Ellison 10/04/2013 at #

    I went last year in albuquerque it was so cool everyone is beautiful

  12. Alicia Ellison 10/04/2013 at #

    Can i please be the canvas for you guys i have a whole back i need covered what i have to do ?

  13. Jeremy Black 09/04/2013 at #

    I got to hang out and see Rob ZOmbie up close and personla previously with Scum of the Earth. I am going to come even though I have knee surgery the day before. Just saying.

  14. Erica Olson 06/04/2013 at #

    So is it the 19th-21st, or 26th-28th? I realize it says 26-28 on this page, but I've also found a listing saying it will be at the cox convention center 19-21.

  15. Tracy Wartchow Cox 12/03/2013 at #

    I LOVE THIS EVENT! <3 <3 <3.

    • Tracy Wartchow Cox 12/03/2013 at #

      GET YOUR INK ON PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Taylor Morgan 09/04/2012 at #

    How often are the drawings for the tattoo giveaway? or is there only one drawing at the end?

  17. Rylan Mcneely 07/04/2012 at #

    That what I was just thinkin..

  18. Bob Budrich 06/04/2012 at #

    this looks interesting.

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