Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival

06 March - 08 March 2015

Hampton Roads Convention Center
1610 Coliseum Dr
Hampton, VA 23666
United States

The Hampton Road’s 5th Annual Tattoo Arts Festival will be held on March 6th, 7th, and 8th 2015 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center located at 1610 Coliseum Drive in Hampton, Virginia. 

The Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival promises to be an unforgettable event and the first of its kind in the area. The show plans to attract a wide variety of artists from around the globe, specializing in every style of tattooing imaginable. Over the weekend, there will be live tattooing for the public, fully-catered concession stands, and various bars throughout the convention hall. Other events will include – live music and entertainment, tattoo contests, live painting, and tons of door prizes. It is sure to be a great time for you and the entire family.

***For those of you who are interested in getting tattooed at the show, we strongly suggest you visit the website and check out our list of featured artists. From there, you need to set up an appointment with your artist of choice. All of their information will be linked to their name. 

If you are interested in tattooing or being a vendor at the convention please download the artist registration form from www.hrtattoofest.com or contact us directly at 
(757)-484-1319 or [email protected]

29 Responses to Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival

  1. Adam Cusimano 07/03/2015 at #

    Would love to get tatted there.

  2. Amanda Patel 06/03/2015 at #

    Will be there my kids are so excited so am I

  3. Deborah Lynn Redman 06/03/2015 at #

    Come by Lucy Lou from Virginia Beach on Sunday afternoon. See the beautiful back piece she is working on with me.

  4. Claven Bostic 08/03/2014 at #

    How much is admission or is it free

  5. Debra Hopkins Ogdin 08/03/2014 at #

    Totally going!!

  6. Zoey Balok 08/03/2014 at #

    Does anyone know if you can just walk up and get a tattoo? I am trying to surprise my husband for and I have no idea who he would pick!

  7. Christi Misurelli Brooks 08/03/2014 at #

    Yes you can and they are free

  8. Heather McFarland 07/03/2014 at #

    Is this a event I can bring my2 year old to? I want to check it out biti h ave myyoungin

  9. Tizzy Tee 06/03/2014 at #


  10. Jess Sheldoverton 05/03/2014 at #

    can't wait!

  11. Richard Canes Jack 23/02/2014 at #

    gonna be badass……

  12. Kelsey Robbins 18/02/2014 at #

    totally going

  13. Chuck Finley 02/03/2013 at #

    How much are peircings

  14. Lorenzo Mason 02/03/2013 at #

    I thought this was a video about the festival but the entire video was about someone skateboarding.

  15. Tizzy Tee 28/02/2013 at #

    I can't wait to pick up the new Hardnox shirt =o) Hardnox Clothing Co ROCKS!

  16. Weekend full of Wrestling! Can't wait!

  17. Zack Alper 25/02/2013 at #

    Be sure to check out Dr. Sofskin's and Mistura! http://Www.fb.com/drsofskin

  18. Angela Fuentes-Williams 21/02/2013 at #

    Are the tatoos inexpensive at the convention?

  19. Bob Hogan 18/02/2013 at #

    Hope to get there, should be good.

  20. Noemi Torres 10/02/2013 at #

    I'm looking forward to going out there. It will be my first time : ] Can't wait!

  21. Nicholas Roberson 08/02/2013 at #

    Man looking forward to it maybe even try to get some ink while I am there…

  22. Jake Webb 16/01/2013 at #

    Definitely going!

  23. Miz Asylum 12/12/2012 at #

    The Underground Asylum will be there. Please stop by to visit.

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