Eindhoven Tattoo Convention

31 October - 01 November 2015

St.Antoniusstraat 5-7
The Netherlands


tattoo conventie openingstijden:
zaterdag open 12.00 tot 21.00 & rock n roll after party tot 03.00 uur.
zondag open 11.00 tot 20.00
Entree kosten:
kaartjes zaterdag €15,- p/p incl afterparty.

kaartjes zondag €15,-p/p

kinderen tot 12 jr gratis toegang onder begeleiding van betalende volwassene.

15 Responses to Eindhoven Tattoo Convention

  1. Esther van der Hoff 29/10/2014 at #

    Kan ik er een (kleine) tattoo laten zetten?

  2. tattooink.tv 18/10/2014 at #

    Looking for Host for our NEW TV SHOW for 2014-15

  3. Peter Toonen 14/09/2014 at #

    http://eindhoven.unitedconventions.com/subscribe/ have 'm phone you? 😛

  4. Manu Moshbeard 14/09/2014 at #

    how to get the phonenumber of the guy who organize it?!

  5. Inkt-Vrij 0625423025 01/09/2014 at #

    Voor het geheel verwijderen of coveren van uw tattoo kijk op http://www.inktvrij.nl

  6. Mark Gilligan 21/10/2012 at #

    Seemingly we're playing this festival……… http://youtu.be/tcaEEugpZPA

  7. Krish Lama 13/09/2012 at #

    we registered for 2010 tattoo convention and we did our full payment… but you guyz didn't respond at all… you even didn't process our visa…. we would like to participate again to this convention…. give us the details… WE are " BLACK DRAGON , indonesia… visit us at http://www.blackdragontattoojakarta.com…………... we want your feed back….

  8. Monique Laeyendecker 08/08/2012 at #

    Cool! I'll be there!

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