Dutdutan Tattoo Convention

26 September - 27 September 2014

World Trade Centre
2/F WTCMM Building,
Gil Puyat Avenue Extension
Pasay 1300,

A celebration of art and ink. Dutdutan is currently the nation’s biggest and grandest annual tattoo exposition, presented by Tribal Gear Philippines. A venue for the finest of skin arts, this is the one event where acclaimed tattoo artists, enthusiasts, supporters, and even curious first-timers gather to marvel, get inked, compete, and experience skin artistry at its best. Dutdutan is also the one place and time when age and social status cross boundaries to take pleasure in a very personal and intimate brand of self expression. Taking on a different level each year, Dutdutan brings in more and more tattoo artists from all over the country and the world. Participants from other countries have taken interest in this extraordinary event and would want to experience tattoo ‘pinoy’ style. Highlights of Dutdutan include competitions of creativity and innovation among the best tattoo artists in the local scene. Premier inkers battle for prestige in various categories, exhibiting ingenuity and artistic mastery in the field of skin art. ‘Tattoo of the Day’ remains the most coveted award as artists from this category create their entries on the day itself, giving everyone a chance to actually witness a master at work, and how art pieces are created on skin. The expo also displays exceptional pieces done by sought-after tattoo artists, and the various styles and designs one may choose to get inked – all artistically and skillfully done on epidermal canvas. Apart from actual tattooing, booths are also installed to hold anything and everything about tattoo, from simple souvenirs to the more complicated tattoo paraphernalia made available to those who need it, and want to further explore the art. Essentially, Dutdutan as an event initiates the evolution and elevation of tattoo as an art form – one of the many ways of self-expression that has long been regarded as taboo, as it always appealed to the rebel crowd and the unconventional. But now, tattoos are considered to be a mainstream art, as more celebrities started having them. Famous personalities, not just the obscure, were not only getting tattoos, but were displaying them proudly. Suddenly, the status of body art had dramatically improved and its stigma was fading fast. During this period of evolution, scores of true body art supporters have come out and showed pride in their tattoos. And now we have a community of strong and loyal tattoo enthusiasts that will see body art through its evolution at every stage. This is exactly what makes each Dutdutan event one hell of a joyride.

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  1. Dustin Randall 02/01/2015 at #

    I'd love to make it out to this; n 2015 and promote my clothing brand at it.u can. Follow and check out our brand on Instagram at @sevenknightsclothing

  2. I wanna get inked.
    I'm ready for Dutdutan 2015.
    just PM me to those artist who wants model for their piece…

  3. sang outlet pa ng tribal may dutdutan 14 shirt…..

  4. Aries Garcera 29/09/2014 at #

    sino nanalo sa portrait at realistic?

  5. Andrei Calmuc 28/09/2014 at #

    where can we find information about the winners of each category?

  6. Joeferson Peraz Laumoc 26/09/2014 at #

    grabe nice logo ganda

  7. Mirikika Katamotoka 26/09/2014 at #

    May entrance fee po ba? Hm?

  8. Dennis Campos 25/09/2014 at #

    may registration fee?

  9. John Anthony Jose 25/09/2014 at #

    im willing na magpatatoo , text nio lang ako heres my number – 09494423177

  10. John Anthony Jose 25/09/2014 at #

    im willing na magpatatoo , text nio lang ako heres my number – 09494423177

  11. Joncris Czar Delima 25/09/2014 at #

    Sana magkaroon naman nang event ang mga sikat na tattoo artists sa dutdutan dito sa min sa zamboanga city…

  12. Androgynous Mind 24/09/2014 at #

    ink me pls..

  13. Dwight Flores Hona 24/09/2014 at #

    mga sir san po ba makikita ung release nang 2014 shirt ?

  14. Jhen Abella Jhenzkie 24/09/2014 at #

    free entrance po ba

  15. Sino Ba Ako 24/09/2014 at #

    09327816645 willing akong maging model ihave tatoo kurt cobain portrait in my left arm at sana maburdahan ng husto ang buo kong katawan..

  16. Arvin Olpindo 23/09/2014 at #

    magno po ticket?

  17. Mark Arnel De Vera 22/09/2014 at #

    meron po akong available ticket – 2pcs for 400php each

  18. Harold Santos Concepcion 15/09/2014 at #

    uu tagal na hehe

  19. na release na po ba ung t shirt sa tribal gear ?? salamat po

  20. Crystyle Pallana 14/09/2014 at #

    Free ba pq tattoo jan

  21. Kyline Jhane Mijarez 13/09/2014 at #

    oo nga sna pde

  22. Cmgb Ventura II 13/09/2014 at #

    nasa mag kano tattoo dito?

  23. Bautista Flossy 12/09/2014 at #

    ' MaLapit Na 😀

  24. Lester Llave 08/09/2014 at #

    hello guys ask ko lng kung may discount ba mag pa tattoo sa dutdutan?

  25. Yopi Kituan Damaso 07/09/2014 at #

    sugod mga punks ng bikol

  26. Yopi Kituan Damaso 07/09/2014 at #

    sarap yan slum 2themax
    more weeds 2come

  27. Tamper Bautista 07/09/2014 at #

    kitakits nlang ng magkakitaan :)

  28. Kyline Jhane Mijarez 05/09/2014 at #

    sarap mapunod ng dutdutan at patattoo

  29. Hector Padilla 05/09/2014 at #

    nkhnda n puh kmeng lht pra s dutdutan 2014 ThUmBs uP….

  30. Mirasol Diana 02/09/2014 at #

    how much po yung ticket

  31. Bangzz Batibot 02/09/2014 at #

    sarap mag patato kso wl ng pang bayayad hahahaha

  32. Bangzz Batibot 02/09/2014 at #

    lapit nnmnan tayo mag kikita kita

  33. Bernard Papina 30/08/2014 at #

    Willing po ako mag ink para cover ung tattoo ko sa left arm ko!

  34. Nicanor Escutin 28/08/2014 at #

    How much and where can I buy the tickets for the convention

  35. Mark O Judas 27/08/2014 at #


    makuletnatahimik@ yahoo.com


  36. Mark O Judas 27/08/2014 at #

    willing to be a model 2014 dutdutan..can I ? just txt or call me… 09395755242

  37. Venus Lim Fernandez 21/08/2014 at #

    available. na ang tshirt?

  38. Bobet Agoncillo Roferos 14/08/2014 at #

    I need a txtm8 Inked girls

  39. Sam Cabais 14/08/2014 at #

    sana maging model din ako…gusto ko madagdagan ang tattoo ko….

  40. Joseph Montillano Malto 14/08/2014 at #

    dutdutan na….

  41. JM De Torres 09/08/2014 at #

    Dutdutan na!

  42. Ryan Acupan 08/08/2014 at #

    mga idol willing po akong maging model nang isang higanteng tattoo artist sa bansa natin at hiling Kong mag pa tattoo Sana mag karoon at maka seksi ako nang event tnx god bless u always

  43. Charlon Renzo Maño 07/08/2014 at #

    Model here maputi ang skin pm lang

  44. Elmer Gutierrez Alfaro 05/08/2014 at #

    mga IDOL willing po ako n maging MODEL ng kahit sinong artist.. gusto ko rin po sana mapacover up ang tattoo ko sa likod (PROFILE PIC.).. willing po talaga akong maging isa sa magiging MODEL dadating na DUTDUTAN dis SEPT.. pm me for my FB or TXT me 09085739362

  45. Judem Manalo Panhilason 05/08/2014 at #

    eto poh num qo 09067437420

  46. Judem Manalo Panhilason 05/08/2014 at #

    baka nag hahanap poh kayo ng tatatoo an pwde poh yang likod qo

  47. Marlon Atun Arriola 02/08/2014 at #

    hi im willing to model for 2014.. 09193697985

  48. Krysse Roxas 25/07/2014 at #

    this my no. 09339430202 willing to be your canvas

  49. Krysse Roxas 25/07/2014 at #

    willing to be ur model txt or call 09339430678

  50. Mon Hilario 25/07/2014 at #

    Mga idol,im willing to be ur Model for 2014 dutdutan.
    i just want my first tattoo to become memorable =) hope some1 will appreciate it,, tex me or call me idol 09152516568 or 09101472650 San Juan. Thank you

  51. Mike Delmiguez 19/07/2014 at #

    I wanna get inked!

  52. Noel Salazar Barrientos Jr. 10/07/2014 at #

    willing to be a model 2014 dutdutan.. 09989732837

  53. Jonas Manuel Garalde 05/07/2014 at #

    online or in tribal stores…

  54. Danilo Valles 03/07/2014 at #

    my kilala akung my gstong mag pah tatoo fist time nia lng puwede poh bah ,,,,,? ang gusto ng tatoo name lng with colors in the back……09278483738

  55. Marck Ricaza Jasareno 01/07/2014 at #

    willing to be a model in dutdutan …. 09057262173 call me or txt me tatoo all you want…

  56. Patrick Garcia Baluyut 28/06/2014 at #

    willing po akong maging model. just text or call me. 09152499843
    san po makakabili ng ticket?

  57. Patrick Garcia Baluyut 28/06/2014 at #

    CALL ME OR TEXT ME. 09152499843

  58. Gwen Limsan 13/01/2014 at #

    Hi….sinu jan ang my gusto kunin akung model im willing to have a many tattoo in my body…just pm me to my fb account ur txt me…09096130480…..im waiting

  59. Chev Cariaga 29/09/2013 at #


  60. Nielrenz Delrosario 28/09/2013 at #

    guz2 ko po mgpatattoo at medyo my tatakpan skin!!

  61. Nielrenz Delrosario 28/09/2013 at #

    sino po nanalo???

  62. Kram Khin 26/09/2013 at #

    model. nag hahanap kayo willing ako….chat me!!

  63. Kram Khin 26/09/2013 at #

    model.. pd ako..

  64. Khryss D. Jose 26/09/2013 at #

    super duper like! goodluck sa Inkboxz Tattoo Art Studio! :)

  65. Zaedy Ash Lee 26/09/2013 at #

    Jaymar Hisanan where can i buy the ticket??

  66. Gerald Burn Bertos 25/09/2013 at #

    to any body…pls update me when is the next dudutan 2014,,thanks

  67. Jaymar Hisanan 23/09/2013 at #

    meron po 400 1 day pass 700 2day pass

  68. Hanz Dales Peru 23/09/2013 at #

    Ooopppss! Just saw the Entrance Fee! :)

  69. Hanz Dales Peru 23/09/2013 at #

    Anyone knows kung may Entrance Fee to? I wanna get inked!

  70. Eetie Martinez 20/09/2013 at #

    kita kits

  71. Rio Buag 18/09/2013 at #

    nghhanap po kau ng tatatuan? kc artist po asawa mo db.. pde po aq. gsto q po kc tlga mgpa tattoo e

  72. Rio Buag 18/09/2013 at #

    willing po aq mgpa tattoo , bka po meron dto artist n nghhnap ng tatatuan nya..

  73. Johnedel Andallo 18/09/2013 at #

    kakaiba! di ko alam kung san ako pupunta. kung fliptop o dutdutan. tssss

  74. PJ Basister 11/09/2013 at #

    kelan po dutdotan d2 sa baguio/???

  75. Kawayta Grass 08/09/2013 at #

    malapit na pinaka astig na event! ready na3:)

  76. Biboy Aragon 24/08/2013 at #


    Please Like & Share.

  77. Jane Masculino 22/08/2013 at #

    wow like nmin yan mag asawa..relate kmi kasi tattoo artist ang asawa q…mag kano kya ang ticket…excited na q makita ang mga tattoo artist ng bansa ntin..love ricky santa anna…

  78. Shiela Clarinal 05/08/2013 at #

    There is, sabi sa website, 400 for 1day pass, 800 for a 2-day pass.

  79. PO PI 01/08/2013 at #

    may entrance po ba dito?

  80. Jc M Dolores 05/05/2013 at #

    sno po pwede mag cover up sa likod ko na mag iisponsor skin. thank u pls replly tiga tondo nga pala po ako.

  81. Jayvee Dumlao Agustin 28/09/2012 at #

    See you tonight!

  82. Marlon Simbajon 22/09/2012 at #

    Sino pwdi mag dut dut at my back for free haha la budget eh hahah kurt cobain portrait.

  83. Khen-Khen Cagiwa 21/09/2012 at #


  84. is there an entrance fee?

  85. Pax Miranda 12/09/2012 at #

    WTE is the best.mabuhay!

  86. Gahn Reybert Florentino 03/09/2012 at #

    arribba…….. tauggamma!

  87. Amen Zamora 17/08/2012 at #

    thank you WTE ♥.

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