Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention

20 March - 22 March 2015

Hyatt Regency O’Hare
9300 Bryn Mawr Ave,
Rosemont, IL 60018,
United States


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  1. How do a Chicago artist get in

  2. Show was great!! My man got a great tat from old school tattoo. 20 to get in his tat is big and 500 but it depens on what and who you went to. 50 I think was the cheapest

  3. Ennio Lopez at #

    hoping to get a 3 D tattoo there


  5. Tattoos done at the show.. would they be more expensive then as if I had gone w an appointment to the art is shop??

  6. How much is it for military members?? anyone know?

  7. Marko Polo at #

    thinking of getting my first tattoo there…just don't know what to get & if i'll have enough $

  8. Jessica 'Weerts' Seidl at #

    look out!!! here I come!!!
    on the road out there! cya later WI ;)

  9. Can't make it to the show?
    No Problem, we have you covered. You can order your Sullen Clothing online at

  10. Can't make it to the show?
    No Problem, we have you covered. You can order your Sullen Clothing online at

  11. Swing by the Sullen Art Collective Booth and pick up your fresh gear! … All new designs; see you at the booth.

  12. How much is the cover charge to get in

  13. I will be attending this weekend
    check out my makeup page

  14. 19 Knots to Nowhere Clothing Co. will be at the Chicago Tattoo Expo swing by our booth and check us out

  15. Joana Olivares at #

    Looking forward in meeting Stephanie Smith 'hu$$baby'

  16. Shot some video clips and made this quick edit of the 2013 Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention. Compressed to all hell. This my second time filming anything and second attempt at editing. There were no plans I was just there so it happened. Enjoy.

  17. Gonna check it out today…it's will be my first..:)). Kind of a shocker since I have a lot of ink. I've got two local artist and planned work. So I guess it will be nice to check out others art and see if my friend gets tattooed today…

  18. Caccamo Tina at #

    We look forward to in checking out this out this weekend.

  19. Jessica Eberlin at #

    I'm turning 18 this Sunday! Great way to celebrate :)

  20. Kurt DaBears Soulje at #

    This will be my 2nd time attending. If last years show is any indication this years should be very good also. The shop where I get my tattoos (Perfection Dermagraphics) will be there also. Kurt and Stephen are great artists.

  21. Pat Dillon at #

    Would love to get sum new ink done there please let me know!!!

  22. Can't wait for Chicago show!

  23. Cookie Love R at #

    Someone forgot some red ink at the last show….lol ^-^ Some blinking glasses and a stencil for an owl tatt. XD

  24. I will be attending the Chicago show!

  25. Ready for a good show

  26. Justin Yung-Red P at #

    march 22 I hope its better than last years with new artists.

  27. Julie Castro at #

    Is Noodles Tattoo Company going to be there?
    I hope so :)

  28. Sallisa So'through Stewart Tyler Thegod Moncrief LETS GOOOOOOO!

  29. I would like to volunteer as a tattoo canvas plz

  30. We will have a booth again this year…looking forward to seeing everyone again!

    • Bridget Wessell Punsalang at #

      Ooooo wonder how far along my sleeve will be by then…

  31. Nia Johnson at #

    Crystal Hunter found it, its march March 22, 23, 24 2013 WE IN THEREEEEEEEEEE and the other tattoo freaks lol.

  32. Can't wait to See all the new artist and art work

  33. Can't wait to See all the new artist and art work

  34. looking forward to helping out Edwin Marin! whoot whoot.

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