Brussels Tattoo Convention

13 November - 15 November 2015

Tour & Taxis
Avenue du Port 86,
1000 Brussels,

6th International Brussels Tattoo Convention on 13, 14& 15 November 2015
Like last year, we made a very fine selection of international artists, some of them will be making their European debut.

We made a cool and entertaining program that will last you the entire weekend. Freak shows, live bands & acts, fashion shows, art auctions, tattoo contests and… The Brussels Burlesque Festival!
Oh… and the Fuel Girls will be dropping by and give a show that will be a delight for all your senses.

If you want to escape from all the buzzing needles for a while, you can relax at our Tiki Beach or have a browse at our many shops and bars. 
For those in real need of relaxation we also give you free massages by our Brazilian Girls.

As tradition states, we’ll be having a Sailor Jerry Arm Wrestling contest at the Tiki Beach. So flex those muscles (you too ladies) and win some prizes.
If all the muscle work isn’t your style, you can join us in the Inglorious Bastards Limbo Competition.

Check out the website, book your artist and we’ll see you at IBTC 2015!

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  1. Steve Sandy Baldewyns Moreas 07/11/2014 at #

  2. Steve Sandy Baldewyns Moreas 07/11/2014 at #

  3. Steve Sandy Baldewyns Moreas 07/11/2014 at #

    Don Matteo

  4. Inkedgirl Momoz 30/10/2014 at #

    heb via online ticket besteld :p om file te vermijden, kijk enorm uit, maar om vanaf hoe laat is de inkom open daar, want sommige tatooerders zeiden vanaf 8u? staat op site dat vanaf 10u open is? ^^ x

  5. Audrey Lambrix 27/10/2014 at #

    kan je daar gewoon inkom betalen of moet je op voorhand tickets kopen?

  6. Poncelet Julie 08/10/2014 at #

    Kel est le prix d entrée merci bonne soirée 😉

  7. Achim Godinho Ortiz 25/08/2014 at #

    Daisy Myfairy Van Hemelen eens de site on line staat , berichtje sturen naar gekozen tattoo guy , afspraak boeken. en ter plaatse betalen . normaal gezien zegt ie op voorhand hoeveel het zal bedragen.

  8. Don Matteo 17/08/2014 at #

    Still searching…

  9. Daisy Myfairy Van Hemelen 15/08/2014 at #

    zit met de zelfde vraag ben ook nog nooit naar zo iets geweest eigenlijk :)

  10. Jurgen Schnabel 13/07/2014 at #

    Hoe werkt dit eigenlijk? Vooral ivm betaling voor de tattoo? 't zou mijn eerste conventie zijn die ik bezoek.

  11. Xavier Bultot 05/07/2014 at #

    where can i get the list of the tattoo artists who will be there.i guess we must save or place to be tatooed by the glorioust one's.

  12. Kim Glorious Bastard 29/06/2014 at #

    The new 2014 website will be online soon! :-)

  13. Don Matteo 17/03/2014 at #

    Anybody knows who will be there? I can't find any artistslist…

  14. Online gaat ook

  15. Ja da gaat. Ik d8 20€ voor zaterdag

  16. Roy Koninx 08/11/2013 at #

    Hallo, kan iemand me zeggen of
    Je ook tickets aan de deur kan kopen ?
    Zo ja. Prijs ? Grtn.

  17. Frank Revier 06/11/2013 at #

    Ik wil ook :(

  18. Martin Carmen Den Haan 05/11/2013 at #

    geweldig evenement, gaan zeker weer dit jaar!!!

  19. Noel Caparros Megido 24/09/2013 at #

    j'ai été à Herstal à la Fabrik et c'était pas mal, un peu petit mais il y avait de belles choses à voir et je vais aller voir celle de Bruxelles aussi, on devient vite fan de ce genre de convention!!

  20. Nick De Lathouwer 11/06/2013 at #

    on se fait tattouer la bas ses bien sa? et ca coute combien pour se faire tattouer?

  21. Kim Ibtc 01/04/2013 at #

    Dear Friends,

    We proudly present you our 4th edition of the International Brussels Tattoo Convention!
    Again we have made a very fine selection of International artists, for some of them its the first trip to Europe.

    So be ready like always on the IBTC to see some new and amazing artists that we found during our long search for quality and hidden creative talents!
    I want to give a big thanks and shout out to my bro Tom Strom for his fantastic artwork for this years design of the IBTC poster.

    We have made a very cool and entertaining program again for the whole weekend, full with awesome shows, live bands & acts, Brussels Burlesque Festival, crazy.
    performances, tattoo contests, art auctions & art fusions and so much more! The Fuel Girls will be presenting an even bigger show than last year so get your.
    camera’s charged!

    The tiki beach is surounded again with many nice shops and bars, we also made it bigger than last year so you can chill out big time and enjoy or get a free massage.
    by our Brazillian girls.

    Like last year the Sailor Jerry Handwrestling contest will be held on the tiki beach and some very nice shows on it and above it will happen during the whole.
    weekend so keep your eyes open and don’t miss it.

    Check out this website and book your appointments with your favorite artists by clicking on their names! If an artist does not answer fast it doesn't mean that he.
    or she is not interested but they have a busy life and schedule so please give them time to react on your request!

    We hope to see you soon on the IBTC, we can’t wait to show you or convention again this year!

  22. Joshua Gomez 19/03/2013 at #

    Algún correo para poder comunicarme con ustedes por favor. Gracias 😉

  23. Fred Lieto 25/11/2012 at #

    funfunfun dimanche de fou.

  24. Lenka Cechura 19/11/2012 at #

    a ne pas manquer!

  25. Giuseppe Saiu 18/11/2012 at #

    @ Jeremy den zaterdag!

  26. Giuseppe Saiu 18/11/2012 at #

    Limburg prezented with camera!

  27. Catherine De Vocht 17/11/2012 at #

    Un petit tour s'impose.

  28. Ivan Coenen 13/11/2012 at #

    we zullen er zeker zijn.

  29. Kelly Verbeeck 11/11/2012 at #

    staat op m'n agenda!

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