Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention

10 April - 12 April 2015

The Baltimore Convention Center
1 W Pratt St, Baltimore,
Maryland 21201
United States

$20 Day / $40 3-Day Pass

Tickets are only sold at the show
Children under 12 are free

No MC or Gang Colors

General Info 


Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention 
Baltimore Convention Center
1 W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Entrance is at W Pratt St & S Sharp St
Otterbein Lobby 

Show Times

Friday 2 PM – 12 AM
Saturday 11 AM – 12 AM
Sunday 11 AM – 8 PM

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  2. I DO! check out my work on severe ink on facebook. thank you



  5. RayRay Johnson at #

    Is there anyone that does ultraviolet or black light tattoos??

  6. I went to the convention and got my very first tat on Saturday, I enjoyed it so much I went back on sunday for another one.

  7. In Baltimore, Maryland please

  8. I just received this post today Sun. Can you send me the name of someone that specialize in portraits?

  9. Cajetta Stephens Icyunvme at #

    Right now I'm at the convention center inbox me ur number and I can call u

  10. Where are you located

  11. William C Johnson Jr. at #

    I need a cover up on my leg can you help me

  12. Are there any openings for today to get a tattoo?
    I am looking to get my fathers dog tags tattooed

  13. Cajetta Stephens Icyunvme at #

    I have $10 tickets I brought to many…..I have 10 tickets if anyone is interested

  14. Lana Davis at #

    Alexis Rivera

  15. Sheryl Godwin at #

    Does anyone have any slots open tomorrow to do a tattoo

  16. Hey do I need my ID to get a ticket to the show??

  17. I do laser tattoo removal for a very reasonable price. Works great for covering up unwanted tattoos.

  18. Hi I work with lasers that can reduce the appearance of surgical scars. I also do laser tattoo removal . I remove the tattoo completely or enough to cover it with another tattoo.

  19. Who specializes in hard to do cover ups that are scarred

  20. Anonymous at #

    Custom Tattoos and PERMANENT MAKEUP! Lisa Doll will be at the convention for Iron LotusTattoo. Check out her work here:

  21. Anonymous at # contact:[email protected]

  22. I would love another tat, going on 55 this year:)How does one get a hold of the artists???

  23. I would love another tat, going on 55 this year:)How does one get a hold of the artists???

  24. Do you have to have an appointment set before the event?

  25. Daisy Alo at #

    What time does this convention start?

  26. Glenn R. Collins
    im looking to get 2 photos 1 on left chest 1 on back

  27. They get booked pretty quick there

  28. They get booked pretty quick there

  29. PS, I love you

  30. Just a thought from your mother, getting tattooed two days before your graduation is probably not a good idea. But what do I know? Just saying.

  31. Is it worth getting tattooed at the convention or will I be paying more money than going to a shop?

  32. Hannah Bennett at #

    I have an odd question. Does anyone know if there will be anyone who works with scars, particularly surgical scars? I'm interested in seeing if anyone has the ability to cover a surgical scar of mine, to try to diminish it's appearance. I have traditional tattoos, but I'm only interested in color/design over this scar as a secondary option. If anyone knows anyone who can help, please let me know!

  33. Angela Veney at #

    I wonder if Darnell Waine from Best Ink is going to be there??!! I would LOVE him to tattoo me. He was robbed of the Best Ink title.

  34. Berni Tierney at #

    What time each day at the convention center?

  35. Who the person to go to for a good cover me now

  36. Duce Duce Rob Ratchet at #

    are they cheap if u get tatted there sum thin small let me kno I'm goin to b up were but i want to kno if they charge high or very low prices

  37. My Brother and his wife's tattoo shop will be at the convention… Cherry Bomb Tattoo & Piercing They still have open appointments at the convention – so give'em a call to schedule!

  38. I will be with Red Octopus Tattoos. Check out my work on Instagram under TURTLESTATTOOZ.

  39. Will there be a list of artists? Because I'm looking for a certain person she did my leg and I want her to add more things

  40. Yes, the tattoo conventions I have been to there isn't a ton of kids but it is kid friendly.. The kids will love it..

  41. We will be there with a guest artist, "Rick Moreno" and Drastic Pleasures will be slinging ink. Russ will also be giving a seminar on Rotary machines and new products on the tattoo market.

  42. I toke my 9yr old son Sith me last yr and taking him again this yr

  43. Who are all the artists that will be attending this ?

  44. What is the starting price for a tattoo. I want one for me and my son

  45. Sharonda Morris at #

    Was black ink there

  46. Will they be doing tattoos at the convention? If so what is the starting price?

  47. Jon S from Milestone Tattoos is one of the artists and does Amazing work ….stop in and check him out.

  48. Lisa Ulrey at #

    Is this event kid friendly?

  49. Lisa Ulrey at #

    I know this is probably a weird question…Is this kid friendly?

  50. Anonymous at #

    Do you need to have a ticket in order to enter the convention, or can we pay at the door.

  51. Nickey Tee at #

    I can't wait! Now I need to think of what I want to get on my back! My cousins and I will be there!

  52. Charlean Gaddy at #

    I want to be one of the artist canvas. How do I go about that?

  53. Daniel Wright Jr. at # #wecomeinink will be there.

  54. Do u have to pay for tattoo

  55. Natalie Cohen at #

    saturday cant wait….my mom and I on mothers day weekend! cant wait for my new tattoo!

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