Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention

25 April - 27 April 2014

The Baltimore Convention Center
1 W Pratt St, Baltimore,
Maryland 21201
United States


The same crew that brings you the Philadelphia and Chicago Tattoo Arts Conventions brings back the Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention for the 7th year running!

 With the same award winning tattoo artists, special appearances and amazing performances everyone has come to expect from a Villain Arts event, this year Baltimore will be a show not to be missed.  Awards for Best Back Piece, Most Original Tattoo and Tattoo of the Day are among those included in the daily tattoo contests.  Come see over 600 of the world’s best artists tattooing live all weekend long, from 400 different tattoo shops.

Special guest artists include Shane O’Neil and Scott Marshal from Ink Master, Tim Pangburn from Tattoo Nightmares and appearances by the Legendary Philadelphia Eddie and book signing of Shocked and Amazed by James Taylor.

Ticket prices are $20 per day or $40 for the weekend. Tickets sold only at the show. Please contact Tattooed Kingpin for more info: [email protected]215-423-4780 or visit  

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49 Responses to Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention

  1. Do you have to have an appointment set before the event?

  2. Daisy Alo at #

    What time does this convention start?

  3. Glenn R. Collins
    im looking to get 2 photos 1 on left chest 1 on back

  4. They get booked pretty quick there

  5. They get booked pretty quick there

  6. PS, I love you

  7. Just a thought from your mother, getting tattooed two days before your graduation is probably not a good idea. But what do I know? Just saying.

  8. Is it worth getting tattooed at the convention or will I be paying more money than going to a shop?

  9. Hannah Bennett at #

    I have an odd question. Does anyone know if there will be anyone who works with scars, particularly surgical scars? I'm interested in seeing if anyone has the ability to cover a surgical scar of mine, to try to diminish it's appearance. I have traditional tattoos, but I'm only interested in color/design over this scar as a secondary option. If anyone knows anyone who can help, please let me know!

  10. Angela Veney at #

    I wonder if Darnell Waine from Best Ink is going to be there??!! I would LOVE him to tattoo me. He was robbed of the Best Ink title.

  11. Berni Tierney at #

    What time each day at the convention center?

  12. Who the person to go to for a good cover me now

  13. Duce Duce Rob Ratchet at #

    are they cheap if u get tatted there sum thin small let me kno I'm goin to b up were but i want to kno if they charge high or very low prices

  14. My Brother and his wife's tattoo shop will be at the convention… Cherry Bomb Tattoo & Piercing They still have open appointments at the convention – so give'em a call to schedule!

  15. I will be with Red Octopus Tattoos. Check out my work on Instagram under TURTLESTATTOOZ.

  16. Will there be a list of artists? Because I'm looking for a certain person she did my leg and I want her to add more things

  17. Yes, the tattoo conventions I have been to there isn't a ton of kids but it is kid friendly.. The kids will love it..

  18. We will be there with a guest artist, "Rick Moreno" and Drastic Pleasures will be slinging ink. Russ will also be giving a seminar on Rotary machines and new products on the tattoo market.

  19. I toke my 9yr old son Sith me last yr and taking him again this yr

  20. Who are all the artists that will be attending this ?

  21. What is the starting price for a tattoo. I want one for me and my son

  22. Sharonda Morris at #

    Was black ink there

  23. Will they be doing tattoos at the convention? If so what is the starting price?

  24. Jon S from Milestone Tattoos is one of the artists and does Amazing work ….stop in and check him out.

  25. Lisa Ulrey at #

    Is this event kid friendly?

  26. Lisa Ulrey at #

    I know this is probably a weird question…Is this kid friendly?

  27. Anonymous at #

    Do you need to have a ticket in order to enter the convention, or can we pay at the door.

  28. Nickey Tee at #

    I can't wait! Now I need to think of what I want to get on my back! My cousins and I will be there!

  29. Charlean Gaddy at #

    I want to be one of the artist canvas. How do I go about that?

  30. Daniel Wright Jr. at # #wecomeinink will be there.

  31. Do u have to pay for tattoo

  32. Natalie Cohen at #

    saturday cant wait….my mom and I on mothers day weekend! cant wait for my new tattoo!

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