21st Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo

04 March - 06 March 2016

Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
400 Renaissance Center,
Detroit, MI 48243
United States

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  1. Jessica Martin 01/07/2015 at #

    Willing and wanting to be a canvas!

  2. Tabu Rone 06/03/2015 at #

    I can be used as someones canvas!!!!!!! lolbvs

  3. Gary Parisi 06/03/2015 at #

    Hey everyone I have some openings this weekend, email me [email protected] with your ideas so we can do something rad! Looking to do photorealism mainly color pieces, I'll also have some portraits that I'd like to do for great deals/ cheap prices I picked out! Also gonna have some awesome artwork for sale, come check out our Mayday Tattoo booth! Look forward to tattooing something coo!

  4. Jill Nichols 05/03/2015 at #

    Looking to have someone do a watercolor wolf on Saturday if an artist has a time slot available.

  5. Marcos 'Sparks' 05/03/2015 at #

    Is it ok for photographers that wanna go for pictures ?

  6. Tat Man J R 26/02/2015 at #

    I'm there

  7. Sharon Hills Snyder 18/02/2015 at #

    I hope BST Ink will be there to represent!!, such talented guys from Westland!

  8. Marie Tiffany 09/02/2015 at #

    excited I miss it every year…….not thus one :)

  9. Theresa Giizhik 05/02/2015 at #

    I'm definitely gonna hit this up!

  10. Don Macpherson 29/01/2015 at #

    How can I get a tattoo at the show?? Any artists working the show and have any openings please contact me.

  11. Natasha Renee Trump 24/01/2015 at #

    Is it free to go

  12. Natasha Renee Trump 24/01/2015 at #

    Is it free to go

  13. Gentlemen Jack 22/01/2015 at #

    ill be an artist guinea pig. old school or new school

  14. Gentlemen Jack 22/01/2015 at #

    i would like something in black and white

  15. Gentlemen Jack 22/01/2015 at #

    right because i want one

  16. Elizabeth Zawojskyj 23/02/2014 at #

    What time does it close?

  17. Robin Lynn Dison 23/02/2014 at #

    How late does it run today

  18. Sean Smith 22/02/2014 at #

    anyone tell us if theres an admission fee and how much? need to know like riiiight…..NOW

  19. George Good 21/02/2014 at #

    can't wait for tomm!!!!!!!!!

  20. Greg Bessoni 20/02/2014 at #

    Book a ride on SKOOT from DTW to the Ren Center http://www.rideskoot.com

  21. Alexis Mae Lewis 19/02/2014 at #

    how do i get tickets the eternal site is only showing whiteness?

  22. Anthony Fuhr 18/02/2014 at #

    4 more days! Whos ready?

  23. Tony Volante 14/02/2014 at #

    Can you get tats there?

  24. Can't wait to check it out 😀 I need some reptile tatz!!!

  25. Colleen Moceri 07/02/2014 at #

    Looking SOOOOforward to going and seeing Mark Somo from Tattoo Gallery!

  26. Anthony Sandoval 06/02/2014 at #

    Will any artists be giving free tattoos to show off work?

  27. Sean Smith 03/02/2014 at #

    go to the eternal tattoos official website. has the whole list of artists

  28. Jason Morgan 02/02/2014 at #

    does anyone here know how to get a photo shoot done with one of the tattoo magazines cause im very interested in having one done while im there for the weekend ??? please let me know

  29. Anthony Fuhr 01/02/2014 at #

    20 more days! Really excited for this event!

  30. Samantha Alexander 28/01/2014 at #

    Where is the artist list?

  31. Kevin Lytle 23/01/2014 at #

    I haven't even talked to the boss about working down there. Most likely I won't be. I do work full time at Eternal in Livonia, even when there isn't a convention.

  32. Melonie Newsome Narvestad 23/01/2014 at #

    Kevin Lytle.are you already booked full?

  33. Melonie Newsome Narvestad 23/01/2014 at #

    Can't wait. Needing new ink so bad. Eternal is the best!

  34. Jim Quin 21/01/2014 at #

    I'm an amateur photographer (vested but don't publish or sell). This is my first Detroit tattoo convention. Any restrictions or release forms that need to be signed before attending, since tattoos are a form of art?

  35. Shannon Strawther 17/01/2014 at #

    This will be my 4th year! Can't wait! Chris Whitney is the truth.com

  36. Justin WorldPeace Wright 17/01/2014 at #

    when do the contest start??

  37. Johnny Kurtz 10/01/2014 at #

    I was just invited to share a booth with my mentor. Looking to do a black and grey portrait, or realistic pin up/skull type. http://www.thefamilyink.com or @littlejohntattoos on i.g.

  38. Heather Durden 08/01/2014 at #

    we should go together!! I'm gonna go on Saturday!

  39. Jax Icee 08/01/2014 at #

    I'd love to check it out!! :)

  40. Heather Durden 08/01/2014 at #

    I can not wait!

  41. World Tattoo Events 03/01/2014 at #

    Please contact the guys of Eternal Tattoos: http://www.eternaltattoos.com/.

  42. Thomas Bradley 16/12/2013 at #

    I’m looking for a couple things. 1. Anyone who specializes in Mayan / Aztec B&G designs. 2. A B&G Catrina (Day of the Dead Face). I would love to set something up.

  43. Melissa Syerson 22/10/2013 at #

    Plan on attending…..

  44. Ryan Galea 22/10/2013 at #

    Looking for an artist that can or specializes in the anatomy……Want to get an anatomical heart on the inside of my bicep. Can anyone suggest an artist, possibly even book for MC tattoo expo?

  45. Shanebrown Almightytats 09/10/2013 at #

    how do i get a booth as an artist

  46. Marc Pouget 07/10/2013 at #

    how do I know what tattoo artist are goibg to be there
    last year the was a list

  47. Michael Pincomb 22/09/2013 at #

    Im planned my trip to detroit from dallas around this convention

  48. Mikey Oliver 21/09/2013 at #

    Seriously? You didn't come to me first? lol

  49. Margaret Sheppard 20/09/2013 at #

    I know nothing about tatoos but want to suprise my son with 1 he has been wanting for years. Angel wings with his grandmothers years of birth and death to honor them. Anyone know who I should contact or how much it may cost me? Thank you for any help

  50. Kimberly Ruff-Kenney 23/02/2013 at #

    Looking to get a tat re-inked and possibly added to. Could this be done at the show?

  51. Leona Richway Passow 23/02/2013 at #

    What time doors open on sat?

  52. Sheila Aoneinsurance 22/02/2013 at #

    Thank you for the info it was very helpfull

  53. Kevin Koz 22/02/2013 at #

    great artist and big ass party!

    • Steve Koscielny 23/02/2013 at #

      You think the dude would take his older brother with him. I like tatoos, and I sure as hell like a party!!! Hell, I might even get another tatoo.

  54. Lauren Harrower 22/02/2013 at #

    What time does it go on till on Sunday?

  55. Sunnie Rizzolo 21/02/2013 at #

    I'll be there! (if any ladies want to book a pinup shoot with me for Powder Puff Pinups )…Hope this isn't too spammy, Please delete it if it is….. 😉

  56. Helen Funke 20/02/2013 at #

    What time is the expo open each day?

  57. Jessica Lizardi 20/02/2013 at #

    Does the event have a FB page?

  58. Melissa A. Green 20/02/2013 at #

    How much do the tattoo's cost once we get inside? And do we hav to make a appointment?

  59. Kelly Glenn Fiedler 20/02/2013 at #

    I'd like to know if cameras are allowed? I have a group of photographers that are interested in coming for the day just to take photos.

  60. Sheila Aoneinsurance 19/02/2013 at #

    Does anyone know the cost of the tickets at the door

  61. Amber Martin 18/02/2013 at #

    How do u get tickets for the tattoo expo? Ive never been to one id love to go

  62. I want to go!

  63. Johnny Dutch 14/02/2013 at #

    Shit is boutta be too raw. Coming from Cleveland!!!

  64. Mike Minnick 25/01/2013 at #

    Does anyone know where I can order tickets ahead of time? I couldn't find out anywhere and I already booked an appointment with an artist attending. Or is buying tickets beforehand not necessary? Thanks.

    • Alex Lu' 19/02/2013 at #

      Hello Mike, you can buy tickets at the door. The Motor City Tattoo Expo does not have an online advanced tickets sale. Cheers.

  65. Tat Too Addicts 14/01/2013 at #

    What's up Detroit u know me its ur boy Chico aka David Jasso u know my shop will be tattoo addicts in the house hope to see all my peeps there!!!

  66. Alex Dailey 10/01/2013 at #

    coming from ohio to enjoy the convention this is my 1st.

  67. Jonathan Horrocks 31/12/2012 at #

    Would love to make this, any one know some one in south west Michigan that does pin up girls?

    • Jason TheChief Betzing 30/01/2013 at #

      I'm in Mid West Michigan, check out my portfolio and maybe we can work together. I offer some price flexibility for my traveling clients.

  68. Orangatang Joe 16/12/2012 at #

    hey sweet! that's me spitting on the track in the video! also edited that shit…ill be workin this show hope to see you all out there!

  69. Zom Vis 06/11/2012 at #


  70. Julia Hall 04/11/2012 at #

    I am keeping fingers crossed that I can swing going!

  71. Debby Harris 25/02/2012 at #

    Anyone know how late it closes

  72. Debby Harris 25/02/2012 at #

    Anyone know how late it closes

  73. Kona KInks 24/02/2012 at #

    How much is it to get in?

  74. Juan Elizondo 10/02/2012 at #

    Feb. 24, 25, & 26th 17th anual motorcity tatoo expo. at the Detroit Marriot (Renaissance Center) I believe its $20 bucks to get in.

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