Annual Asheville Tattoo Fest

13 March - 15 March 2015

Renaissance Asheville Hotel‎
31 Woodfin Street
Asheville, NC 28801,
United States

For the 4th year in a row, the Asheville Tattoo and Arts Expo is bringing you the best artists in the industry for three full days!  From all over the world, all styles of tattooing, art and culture will be showcased in beautiful, historic Asheville, North Carolina. 

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  1. Alex Montoya 14/03/2015 at #

    Do you have to get ticket to go or how does it work

  2. Dawn Elaine Dukes 12/03/2015 at #

    I started messaging the artists I was interested in and they promptly sent me emails back letting me know that they are booked solid which makes sense of course with them being celebrity artist lol
    They were super sweet about it and a lot of them will have amazing artist friends also in their booth too I hope I get tattooed tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday lol I'm super psyched for the 4th Annual Asheville Tattoo Festival!!!!

  3. Candacemarie Mertz 09/03/2015 at #

    i am also trying to find out the same thing acannot find contact info anywhere

  4. Melissa Lycans Nicholson 16/03/2014 at #

    Newfound Sound back again to make the music sound good !

  5. Kimberlie Olivarez 16/03/2014 at #

    Anyone know who I would contact for this event who handles the celebrity booking for this event ? I can't find any contact information. I'm thinking about the next show.

  6. Lilla Oakes 23/02/2014 at #
    would like to show my art
    how to?

  7. Betty Shabazz 20/02/2014 at #

    Joe Boswell you're welcome!

  8. Joe Boswell 20/02/2014 at #

    Betty Shabazz Thank you

  9. Betty Shabazz 19/02/2014 at #

  10. Joe Boswell 08/02/2014 at #

    GO TO OFFICIAL WEBSITE link at this time appears to be broke. It brought me to a page that had nothing to do with tattoos or the convention.

  11. Dawn Elaine Dukes 27/01/2014 at #

    How in the world do I set an appointment with an artist????

  12. Tyler Shull 20/01/2014 at #

    Will def be there!!

  13. Joshua Friedman 23/12/2013 at #

    Myself and EyePhoto Photography will be there !

  14. [email protected] 06/12/2013 at #

    Our website has changed its not up yet but will be when finished our email is Ashevilletattooexpo@gmail please make note of this

    • [email protected] 06/12/2013 at #


  15. Dollarcity Liquidators 24/10/2012 at #

    We can hardly wait! Anyone who missed the 1st show and totally digs ink should make it a point not to miss this one.From old school hero's to innovative artist's of today, if you've never been to a Tattoo convention or even if you have, this is going to be a jaw dropping event.See you there.

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